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Molina Gaskets specializes in manufacturing gaskets for a wide range of industries.  Our products range from: automotive, marine, watercraft, racing, bus transit, rail transit, motorcycle, refineries, as well as subcontracting to other gasket companies.

We are the only company in the U.S. that continues to make copper (with high temp insert) head gaskets for the automotive, motorcycle, antiques, commercial, racing, and marine industries.  We are not limited to a certain brand, or style.  We proudly offer a variety of material configurations for quantities of one, to hundreds or thousands.  Types of gaskets range anywhere from carburetor to oil pan, and everything in between.  The only gaskets we do not produced are injection molding.

Here at Molina Gasket, we are dedicated to making our customers the number one priority, and only use new materials (never old stock that’s been sitting on shelf’s for years).  Our fast turnaround, and family owned spirit makes us a valuable and friendly asset for your gasket needs.

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