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Molina Manufacturing is a full service company that re-upholsters used or new passenger seats for a wide variety of bus and rail.  We offer onsite removal and installation of seats, or pickup and delivery of seats removed by agency technicians, no matter how big or small the job.  We also can include foam cushioning or reupholster without foam if cost is an issue.We also provide side panel and roof upholstery to match the passenger seats. Working with a variety of fabric manufactures, and having excellent credit, allows us to offer a wide range of fabric styles.  As a result, we can offer a variety of options (such as fabrics, foams, etc.) to our customers.  Smoke and fire specifications for fabric, foam and adhesive are can be meet by each transit agencies requirements.

We also provide pre-cut fabric for transit agencies that have in house upholstery departments.  This allows for less storage space of fabrics, and removes the guess work of trying to figure out what yield can be obtained from a roll of fabric.  

In addition to providing reupholstering services, we are also proud to provide gaskets for bus engine, drivetrains, and railroad wheel sets.  We are not limited to any quantities large or small.  Gaskets we currently produce but not limited to are as follows:

We have an in house tooling department that allows us to reproduce any brand or style of gasket, and can provide additional material options for cost savings or enhanced performance.