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Molina Manufacturing was established in March 2007 by Joe Molina as a separate division of Molina Gaskets.  The primary reason for establishing Molina Manufacturing was to provide a separate entity for our transit reupholstery services, and to pursue other manufacturing possibilities.

Having built an excellent working reputation with LA Metro providing gaskets, and always seeing if there were other ways that we could help them out, we were given several opportunities for different types of jobs.  Many times we could not provide extra help because the current vendor was the only manufacturer of the materials, and the parts, or the work was outside the area of our expertise.

Finally, in the mid 1990’s the opportunity was presented to us for re-upholstery of passenger seats due to the fact that they were experiencing demand issues.  Both Sergio and Joe tackled the new prospect, and came up with alternative methods to re-upholster passenger seats in ways that the established industries were not using.  In addition to bus seats, we also branched into re-upholstering padded passenger rail seats.

As time went on, and government agencies started to require all the red tape contracts brought, we again took on the challenge and met all that the government required us to do.  Since then we have had contracts with several other cities in southern, California.

At Molina Manufacturing, we have been doing transit seat re-upholstery since 1995 (over 20 years now), and continue to do so to this date.  Many obstacles challenged us in the beginning, but having a good technical understanding of how to do cost efficient work, and incorporating other manufacturing ideas allowed us to be competitive from the start.